Philips Norelco Shavers

Philips Norelco Shavers

Philips Norelco Shavers

There are docking stations that will clean and lubricate all the parts as it dries. You can easily rinse most of the hair from the shaver by running it under the faucet. For a more thorough cleaning, you can use the brush that most shavers have included in their box. There’s no real maintenance that will have to happen to keep the shaver good for a very long time. The Turbo Plus Mode can make quick work of any overgrown areas of your face. You might spend a weekend without worrying about shaving.

This was going to be an interesting experience after spending a month shaving with the Philips 3000 Series (budget) and then the previous month with the Philips 9000 Prestige (top end). I downloaded and tried out the GroomTribe app, and while it has provided some useful information and a few tips, I cannot see myself wanting to start that up every time I shave. Philips had to start using another name philips shaver,philips razor on their products. They came up with the name Norelco as an acronym for North American Philips Electrical Company. The next best thing to Philips Norelco 9800 is the Philips Norelco 9000 Prestige, which has unique qualities that can satisfy the desires of many. The device is curated with a stainless steel surface, containing a slim silhouette with curvy plastic grips in the middle of the handle.

The company had a rocky start with their shavers and other products from the very beginning. The company was stopped from using the name Philips on any of its products. The Philco company was already in existence and didn’t want the company’s products to be confusing to the public. It’ll only lead to irritation and painful skin if you press too hard. It’s compact and easy to pack with your other toiletries when traveling anywhere in the world.

Though the blades will eventually need to be replaced, likely after a year or so, they tend to last much longer than traditional razors do. This electric razor comes with philips electric razor plenty of features for your shaving needs. Its heads flex in four directions for a super close shave. During our testing, this razor felt comfortable in our hands.

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Once on, its cutting ability is optimized by shaving in an up, down, or across motion. This action effectively captures and cuts each hair no matter the direction the hair grows in. For this shaver as well, overlapping shaving strokes will also aid in reducing shaving irritation. During testing, the Pro-Foil had no trouble removing hair of any hair type. And, its lightweight, easy-to-hold design made shaving feel almost effortless. Its hair-catch (located under the blades) can be removed for cleaning with the press of a button.

As for which model to use, it depends on which area of the body you are shaving, although many of the razors listed above can be used on the legs, underarms, bikini line, and even the face. Some do have different attachments for different areas of the body, so be sure to read the directions to ensure you're using it correctly. If you’re using?shave gel or foam, apply the product directly to the skin. Hold the razor gently on the skin and move it in circular movements to remove the hair growing in all directions.

We’re also testing the Panasonic Arc6, a six-blade version of the quiet-but-bulky shaver we recommend as a Braun alternative, as well as additional rotary shavers. And the Series 7 offers the best mix of effectiveness, features, and affordability of the line. Two of the reasons you may prefer using an electric razor on your face instead of a manual razor are convenience (being able to shave anytime, anywhere without water) and safety (no risk of nicks). A lot of shavers promise improvements in user safety, meaning their blades are less likely to irritate or even cut your skin.

There’s a two-level battery display, so you always know how much of a charge you have. SkinGlide Surface – A smooth surface is essential for the shaver to glide across the skin. The low-friction shaving surface will glide smoothly across the face. This leads to less irritation even in those who are prone to bumps and rashes from shaving. It’s important to keep it charged, so the shaver doesn’t stop in the middle of a shave.